Looking After the Environment

We believe that we all have a duty to care for the environment and have taken the following steps.


Energy Conservation

All high-use external lighting is by low energy, long-life bulbs that is controlled by a both a timer and a photo-electric cell (quality of natural light). Low energy bulbs are used throughout the cottages.

In the period between 1st October and 30th May, should your cottage be too warm, please feel free to turn down the heating rather than leave windows open.


Water Conservation

Although some consider that Cumbria experiences a higher rainfall that many other parts of the country, at Eden Valley Escapes we rely on spring water, and as a valuable resource we ask that you consider water usage carefully. In order to comply with current private water supply regulations, we provide bottled water for drinking, and remind guests that water within the cottages is only suitable for bathing and washing.  To encourage water conservation, we have fitted showers above all baths. As 'foul' water from the cottages drains to a septic tank we ask guests to consider what they are flushing down the toilet or pouring down the sink! Bleach and certain cleaning agents are harmful to the bacteria that break down waste that is in the septic tank (ecologically friendly alternatives are provided). Oils and fats may cause blockages in the pipe work - please dispose of such material in a plastic container or jar (we will provide the latter if requested).



 We recycle all our waste paper and cardboard, plastic bags, bottles (glass and plastic), cans and batteries. To conserve natural resources and energy as well as reduce landfill, please use the bins that we provide behind the barn for recycling packaging materials. Garden refuse is composted.



The best way to cut down on pollution is to walk, cycle or use public transport. Unfortunately, the local bus serves us on Saturday only! however a trip on the local Fellrunner bus (twice weekly service) is well worth it.






Flora and fauna

We have uncut areas of grass and dead wood are left in places to encourage insects upon which birds and small mammals feed.

Bird boxes have been placed in a number of locations in the grounds of Eden Valley Escapes and bird feeders are located in the gardens outside the cottages


Local Environment

 Eden Valley Escapes is situated on the fringe of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

We encourage visitors to consider the importance of protecting the environment for future generations and invite you to make suggestions as to how we might improve our environmental performance.